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Published: 2021-09-12 13:15:09
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I used to believe that you could solve everything by fighting but and all that changed when I met my mentor Twin. I am not going to say I never got in to fights but I will put it this way. Before I used to swing first every time, now I have the self-confidence in myself to say I will let you swing first don’t worry I will take care of everything else and it is thanks to Twin. It is not like I feel threatened by people when they are talking loud. Twin taught me that? eah your talking loud but you still taking” and after he told me that I started to think by a large.
I have been in situations where I looked at things a lot differently and a lot more logically then I did when I was four years younger and I can honestly say that I defused a lot of situations by being able to speak to people and look at them as a man and look at them in the eye and have the courage to stand up to them while they are surrounded by all their people and say to them listen dude what seems to be the problem? at bothers you about this situation that you feel that you have to here and invoke this? Do you think that ambushing me and my mentor in some nightclub is gonna make all this go away? do you think that even if you kill us that this is going to be the end of this? don’t you think your son is going to be burred by someone that loves me just as much as your people love You?
Is that what we are going to come to just killing and destruction that does not make any sense to me? Twin once told me “looking at it when you’re young you want to be respected you want control and power, but what do you have power over when you don’t have control over yourself” so I had to really humble myself and say hey man who am I fighting what am I fighting for you know like now I am busy my mind is completely different.
I used to bump into somebody and be like what the heck ready to go off next thing you know a bottle gets smashed over somebody’s head somebody get knocked out mind you I have never been knocked-out I have never got a bottle smashed over my head, but Twin taught me its that illogical irreverent nonsensical behavior form when you where a kid going up in a big violent city crazy city where people do insane things I remind people I grew up in another St.
Louis I grew up in a St. Louis where I came home one day where a man had kicked out his air condoning unit a block away form my apartment, like right where my bus would drop me off and he kicked it out and started shooting people all because someone was downstairs yelling. at him so he had just unhooked it and threw it down at them and when it did not hit the person he just started shooting. a different St. Louis i remember people use to ask us questions just to test us.
I remember this one time this guy came up us and was like “Dirty my man says he can mess you up” and by then my mentor had taught me by then had taught me a different way to deal with people so I was like alright I bet your man could fuck me up but can you its that something you would like to try right now because I can set my people aside and you can set your people aside and I think we can resolve our problem privately outside nobody else just you and me will know if I get messed up or you get messed up but if you go to sleep well god bless you because its going to be a bumpy ride and by that point we was really not talking about the same thing now most people today they don’t want a beef hey want attention Twin taught me that real beef is when people want to kill you and that that’s not healthy that’s not a positive thing people grow gray hair over this stuff especially if you have beef with a coward.
Because a coward don’t wanna fight you not fairly he going to sneak you he going to shoot your mother to make you find him he going to shot somebody in your family to make you come out the wood work looking for him and Twin taught me that’s not a positive way to communicate or believe that shows strength it shows weakness that shows the inability to communicate that shows the inability to have a rational conversation I am glad I had a mentor to put me on the right path in life i am gland i am not their anymore.

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