What Music Means to Me Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 07:10:10
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What music means to me There is a big variety of music in modern world, lots of new styles, as well as old ones, a huge amount of music bands and singers. Up-to-date music can satisfy any taste. People’s music taste depends on what does it mean to them. During this essay I would like to present my opinion music. First of all, there are two types of music that are extremely different for me. On the one hand, there is classical and instrumental music, which was made without any technical supplies. I consider it as the most significant and beautiful kind.
It requires professionalism in the performance in front of people. Furthermore, sounds of sonatas and suites are pure and touching. So, classical music for me is a symbol of harmony and calmness, even if the music expresses eagerness. On the other hand, there is contemporary music that was made with the help of electronic devices and is played by electronic instruments. The main feature of this music, that it is based on experiments with sounds. So that there’s a huge variety of different music, as it was stated in the introduction.
Classic sic is much more monotonous. However, the modern one can offer people lots of styles, from hard rock to hip-hop. So, the present day music allows us to express our feelings and thoughts in different ways. Modern electronic music for me is a point of interest as well as the way to have a rest. All in all, both classic and modern music is a good way for me to feel the harmony of the life and express my feelings. And I am happy that I have a chance to choose the most interesting for me songs and compositions. What Music Means to Me By chefs_daughter

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