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Published: 2021-09-12 13:40:09
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I was supposed to be having the time of my life during my High School years. I started out in the Newtown Annex. I had many friends there, I also had a great schedule, from 12:00 until 4:00 PM, and it was great! You get to sleep late and not have to worry about being late to school. I knew many people; I am a real people person. Some of the people I met there I am still friends with like Kirsy, Jose, Joanna, and many more. I was only in Newtown for my freshman year then they told us that we had a choice, stay with Newtown or we would be able to stay in the annex for a new high school called High School for Arts and Business.
So I decided to stay with Arts and Business. I thought it would be great, an art school, thats what I want to major in. So I stayed. Back then I did so well in school, I thought I could get a scholarship to my first choice, a college for art. I met so many new friends in Arts and Business, including teachers like Mrs. Contoveros, Mr. Drakes, and the principal who would do anything to help us. The teachers here made me feel at home and helped me through the hard times, and they shared the good times as well.
They made an impact on my life and I will never forget them. The other students couldnt have been any nicer to me. For me being one out of a couple of white kids in the school I got along with everyone. The people I became close with have many different characteristics and personalities. For example, Veronica Galindo, she has a great personality and she always listened to my problems and she is one of the best dancers I have ever seen; Kirsy Duverge is full of excitement, and is always there to cheer someone up and has the most school spirit.
Jose Liz, he is a cool guy, even though he bothers me, thats the little thing Ill always remember, and Denise Rosario, Denise and I always had class together and we always talked and we would always get in trouble especially in Mrs. Arons class. Those people I mentioned are my closest friends in high school. We had our good times and bad times together. We will always be there for each other. For me I think of high school as The best time of anyones life! High school is where you mostly do all of your growing up, and for me I did a lot of growing up.
For three years in Arts and Business I learned a lot and have been through a lot. As I see myself now as a senior I remember freshman, sophomore, and junior year like it was yesterday. As you go through high school you never realize how am I going to graduate? You never realize that you have important tests to take in order to pass and graduate. I myself didnt know that anything could happen if you didnt pass. In one class I was faced with a problem that I myself should have realized from the beginning and I didnt. I kept saying I know what I am doing, I am old enough to know what is right or wrong, but I was wrong.
There was work that had to be done and as a normal kid I waited until last minute, and I paid the price. The class that I had was senior English and you need that class to graduate. I failed to realize I was failing, I thought all along that I was passing. As I received my report card I saw a 55 on it and almost flipped out not knowing why I failed. I was upset and disturbed but it. As the next day came I saw the teachers class whom I failed and she explained why and she was right. I was speechless and to have to go home and face my mother to tell her what I have to do to make up this class, well lets just say she wouldnt be too happy.
My guidance counselor told me I have to go to night school, and I said no, there has to be a way I can make up that grade. Then it hit me I am taking Art Preservation and that can count as my English grade. I brought it to the counselors attention and she said that I am aloud to do that. As High School students you are faced with problems that are your own fault and you blame it all on someone else ad say no You failed me no in the long run you failed yourself and besides worrying about how am I going to make it up, you should have done the work the first time and the right way .

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