The Youth Mentorship Program ( Ymp ) Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 17:40:09
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YWCA’s Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) is designed to promote positive youth development and leadership while combating issues leading to increased drop?out rates, teen pregnancy rates, and juvenile detention rates facing the enrolled youth in the program. YMP’s strength lies in its unique family?oriented atmosphere. Mentors act as role?models and tutors while interacting with the families of each participant in order to provide the best possible service to each youth. For many of the youth that we serve, that steadying presence over their formative years is the most stable thing in their lives. By providing a structured study environment, enrichment activities, character development, and tutoring we promote success in school, development of social skills, and a sense of ownership in the community through community service.
This program also encourage kids to be alcohol and drug free. YMP features activities which feed both the mind and the body including enrichment activities in health, science, computers, and the arts; and recreational activities like soccer and dance. All youth services focus on building leadership and taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions and situation. Additionally, the gender?specific mentorship programs for middle?school youth deal with a number of social issues such as body image and coming of age in a sexualized society. Needs StatementThe underachievement of minority youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods is a pervasive educational issue this community is facing. The YWCA examined the contextual effects of neighborhood disadvantages on the academic achievement youths.
Utilizing hierarchical linear modeling techniques in analyzing 79 neighborhoods, we found when we controlled for student. .students, at-risk youth and the unemployed. The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland is the only organization in Berkeley through which you can reach this breath of population.The Board and volunteers of the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland represent a great variety of employment fields, academic majors, and interests. The diversity of the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff reflects that of our community.
The board members range in age from the 20s to the 80s, with many religions and most ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups represented. This diversity in all areas is reflected in our volunteer and staff groups as well.The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland staff is hard working, well-educated and extremely committed to social service and the goals outlined in our mission. Each staff member is uniquely qualified for her position and all of our programs benefit from the diversity of our staff.

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