The Effects of Music on the Mind and Bo Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 09:30:07
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The Effects of Music on the Mind and Body Music is something that all people love and enjoy listening to everyday. Music is a huge part of America’s culture and influences thousands of people every day. Many people use this influence to gain money or fame; however, music can be used in many other ways than personal gain. There have been many recent studies on the effects of music on the mind and body; these effects are typically positive and improve many elements of one’s body.
The major effects are change in blood pressure, boost in productivity, manipulation of emotion, body/muscle movement, ND brain activity. Many studies of music have shown that music can reduce anxiety and helps with other mental health issues. Knight and Richard (2001) explored the effect of sedative music on participants’ subjective and physiological stress levels following a cognitive stresses involving preparation of an oral presentation.
Significant increases in physiological stress were reported for those who prepared the task without music, while the presence of music suppressed significant increases in subjective anxiety, systolic blood pressure, and heart rate. A number of earlier tidies has shown the beneficial effects of music listening on work productivity (Fox, 1971; Kirkpatrick, 1943; Woken, 1969). Presenting extraneous environmental stimuli by way of stereo headsets (music and radio) is one way in which work performance has shown improvement.
The mood state of relaxation best explained the relationship between the use of the music and productivity, and environmental interference most effectively explained the relation between the use of music and organizational satisfaction. Familiarity with the music and discontinuous presentation were suggested as most effective in improving performance, turnover intentions, organizational satisfaction, and mood states. Lastly, music can be used in various ways to influence a human emotions. This can been seen through the many studies performed by( name of some guy).
Through his research, there had been great prefers in the area of music therapy and doctors and physicians have been able to make better recovery with patients. The most noticeable reaction to music is seen when Mozart is played, the patient almost always becomes more relaxed and seems more open to express themselves to the doctor. Other emotions such as excitement, anger, and happiness can be easily induced by playing a song that the attain has an emotional bond with (favorite song/disliked song).
Through all of these different tests and studies scientists have been able to glean many things about the effects of music on the human mind and body. They have made huge advancements in therapy and anti-anxiety treatment, allowing doctors to help more people more efficiently. With the discovery that music helps productivity, the average person can improve their work effort. All of these facts point to the fact that music is very beneficial to our culture and we will continue to study it and enjoy it’s benefits for as long as mankind exists.

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