The Dangers Of Cyber Bullying Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 18:10:11
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As technology takes on the challenge of expanding accessibility to the public the potential uses have been shifted towards malevolent acts. Centuries ago the thought of rectangular touch screens in which one could listen to music , play games, video chat , and access the internet would have made anyone seem crazy . However , through the sprung that technology is developing by it is now only “ normal” to own devices such as iPods, iPads, Tablets, and iPhones. This new device convergence that enables the users to multitask and have access to various features in one single object is what has caused the prevalence of cyber bullying . Moreover , due to the increase of online activity in teens daily lives the virtual world becomes their “real world” making parental , school official , and law enforcement involvement essential for the security of the teens .
In the Urban Webster Dictionary cyber bullying is described as an aggressive , intentional act performed by groups or individuals that use electronic forms of contact , more than once over periods of time against a vulnerable victim who finds it difficult to defend him/herself (Golman) . This type of bullying is made up of the same foundation of the traditional bullying which are physical ,verbal, threatening means that make the bully gain a sense of superiority and power. These actions may be direct (i.e. hitting, verbally assaulting face-to-face, etc.) or indirect (i.
e. rumors, gossip, etc.). ¬(Juvanan) Despite the great benefits that the advancements of technology offers they have transformed the old fashioned bullying into a less controllable abuse . Behind a key board the bullies have the power to not only cover their identities but also change them to avoid getting ca. .
on the parent. Just as at home there should be a safe place anywhere available without a teen fearing going online. With the increase in technology the problem also enlarges which is why it is time to be more alert and aware than ever. Online usage will only become more accessible and without action being taken to prevent it other unfortunate results will be occurring such as teen suicides in consequence to the torments the victims ArelyAsuffer (Coloraso). Some known cases of deaths due to cyber bullying that have gone unjust are Amanda Todd , Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier , and Tyler Clementi . It shouldn’t take someone to see a known person on this list to do something, the action should start now against the silent crimes that have gone without justice as Amanda Todd’s mother stated in an interview, “ Someone should not have to give up their privacy to be safe .

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