Semiotics: Philosophy of Language and Music Video Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 09:10:10
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Define semiotics. You can use information and ideas assai 1 but you need to modify them to fit in the project. 3. Define gender or race (use both) use the class handouts to help with this. 4. Set up your fame by defining how a semiotics of gender or semiotic of race works. 5. Describe your video. 6. Analyze you vide. Use your frame (apart) to show how race or gender works in a video. 7. Conclude. How has this project changed the way you see the world. 8. Works cited Semiotics: Philosophy of Language and Music
Video By lackadaisically Please select your video Read the “construction of gender” for next Thursday. Write one or two paragraphs in which you share a personal example of doing gender. (anecdote/memory ) The social construction of gender Sex vs. gender. Gender is so close to us all the time and its everywhere that we take it for granted. It’s seems natural. Gender is not natural. It’s a human invention, Just like other inventions. Gender is “a human production” (Lower Pl) Gender is made by people You are not born gender We use signs to help us create a gender
We use signs- like clothes- to signify our gender -Gender is semiotic because we identify ourselves as masculine and feminine by using gendered signs. -You are born and based on genitalia you’re put into in a sex category male or female. Sex category is based on biological difference. (Genes xx x, hormones, genitalia) -Once your sex is determined the gendering process begins. Ex: name, cloths, You acquire a masculine or feminine identity. Gender works on more than one level a. In the individual level in terms on your individual identity female/ male the individual person “does” gender in her or his life .
Institutional level- this means that society as a whole, organizes itself with gender. For example some societies have different roles from man and women. Patria Rule of the photomicrography In a patriarchal society: this is a society in which men males are the rulers of most institutions. This is based on the believe (myth) that men are better equipped to rule than women because men are rational and physical superior. Ex: Men works outside the home/Women work inside the home. “individuals are born sexed but not gendered, and they have to be taught how to be masculine or feminine”

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