Remembering an Event – My Patience Pays Off Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 11:35:09
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There are very many memorable moments I could talk about but one stands out above all the others. I was five years old when I first went deer hunting and six years old when I killed my first deer. Although that moment was very exhilarating, my first bow kill was so much more intense and rewarding. I had been practicing for that moment for years and when it finally all came together it was like no other experience I had ever felt. It was early in the morning, around five a. m. when my dad woke me up.
He shook me gently as he said my name, “Chandler wake up, it is time to get ready. ” I groaned because I was exhausted and I did not want to get up. I barely got any sleep the night before due to the anticipation building. I got up and took a shower and ate some breakfast. I dug out my newest camo from the closet and put it on. I gathered my hunting bag, bow, and tree stand harness and I was ready to go. Me and my dad went to the truck, loaded all of our gear and headed for the woods. After a fifteen minute walk in to my stand I was ready to get set up.
I attached my bow and bag to my pull up rope, then climbed into my stand. I moved the top half of my stand first, then the bottom, making sure that it was dug into the tree good every time so that no accidents happened. After five or ten minutes of climbing I reached my designated height of around twenty Reppond 02 feet. I pulled up my bow and bag and hung my bow on the tree hanger. I reached in the bag and pulled out my safety harness strap, wrapped it around the tree, and secured myself to the tree in case of any accidents.
I loaded an arrow into my bow and sent my dad on his way. I could hear his footsteps as he walked away to his stand and I knew that it was all on me now. As I sat alone in complete darkness, I had plenty of time to think about what the morning had in store. Many minutes had passed and the woods were starting to awaken. The frogs silenced as the whippoorwill’s started chattering. The sky began to lighten and all other sorts of birds started singing. I heard footsteps coming through the leaves and I could see a faint shadow coming through the tall grass.
It was still way too dark to shoot so I sat patiently as the figure approached my corn pile. As it got brighter I could tell it had horns, but was only a four point. I knew right away that this deer wasn’t the one. After twenty minutes or so he walked away and I dreamed of seeing him in the future when he had grown. Seconds, minutes, and hours passed while I sat alone in that tree seeing nothing. I enjoyed the peace but was growing anxious to see another deer. The time to leave was nearing and my chances were fading. I didn’t know it would all turn around in a split second.
At 9:15 a. m. I heard a stick break behind me. I turned around looking for my dad who was coming to get me only to see three does coming my way. I jumped back behind my tree before they could see me. They were jogging toward me so I had to act fast. As they walked under my tree I slowly stood up and grabbed my bow. I knew they couldn’t see me if I did it at the right moment and my timing was perfect. They neared my corn pile and I attached my release to the string. I patiently waited for the biggest one to turn broadside for an ethical shot. The does Reppond 03 ere nudging each other’s heads away so they could have all the food for themselves. The fat doe chased a young one off and circled around to the corn pile.
It was a perfect, fifteen yard, broad side shot. I drew my bow slowly and made sure I had a clear shot. My heart pounding, I laid my finger on the trigger. I squeezed slowly and watched my arrow hit it’s mark. The doe wheeled around shot through the woods. I intently watched the path it took to know where to look for it. Then it all hit me, my heart was jumping in my throat and my whole body started tingling.
I sat down and started taking deep breaths. I couldn’t wait to tell my dad and brother what had happened. Ten minutes later my dad approached me from his stand and asked how my morning was. I told him what had happened as I packed my stuff and started climbing down. When I got down we started tracking the blood. After about seventy yards of tracking we saw the doe laying there. A feeling of accomplishment took over my body and I couldn’t help but to smile. My dad took my picture and we drug her out. The whole time I couldn’t help but think how happy my brother was going to be for me.
I felt like a celebrity on the way back to deer camp. When I saw my brother he smiled and congratulated me, then it was time for all the work. Although I had killed many deer with my gun before this, including big bucks, I was most proud of this kill. I had put so much time and effort into making this happen that an overwhelming feeling of joy took over when I finally killed one. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, this was one of my biggest accomplishments as a person, and especially as a hunter, in my lifetime.

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