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Published: 2021-09-11 12:50:06
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Self-portrait Story HIGH 111 August 25, 2013 feel as though now it has come time for me to create a portrait Of myself. Would like the viewers of my work to have a greater understanding of myself, and my work, feel Will be able to give the people Who admire my pieces Of art a larger perspective of my work and passion. Have been painting for the majority of my life, I really don’t know if people know who I am and what have a passion for, I would like to put a ever lasting face to my work, my face.
People who have viewed my art have seen my signature in various paintings for years, 5 years to be exact as my parents and started allowing my work to be viewed and purchased in the town square at my mother’s boutique when I was at the age of 10 years old. Painting a self-portrait gives me the opportunity to allow people to see me through my work. I feel this will allow everyone who has the opportunity to see this portrait to connect with the passion and love I have for art and painting, as my portrait shall have great detail.
The colors I will use tort this self-portrait shall he very vibrant; will use greens, blues, yellows, and other earthy colors because this painting will be of myself painting outside. The portrait will show me painting a picture of the sea and the landscape that is around the beach. The portrait will seem as though it’s a picture inside of another picture. Will be at my easel, painting the sea and the beach, Build be looking back at myself, and will have a slight smile on my face, which should accent my facial features with great detail.
The picture will show me from the visit up, as I am very proud of my physique. I shall be wearing my favorite white linen shirt that buttons down in the front; the shirt Will be unbuttoned to show my strapping chest and abdomen. I spend a lot often exercising, this allows me to think a lot about my next piece and improve my body Of Which I am very proud. Will show the high tide coming in, I will accent the white waves as they crash upon the rocks and show the deep blue water as it recedes back to gain momentum to crash upon the rocks again.
The wild life shall also be on display as well, the seagulls shall be swarming looking for fish to swoop down and eat, the sea lions shall be on the rocks harking at one another, diving in and out of the ocean at play. I would like this self-portrait to represent the free spirit have, want to how the beauty of being in love with my life work, When one takes the time to study, in great detail, my self-portrait, want there to be no doubt in their minds that am in love with what am doing. Want them to fall in love with this portrait as well. Ant them to tall in love with the detail, and reality within this portrait. Hopefully my self-portrait will make the person or people viewing it not want to leave, as if it is so life like the portrait is moving and if they leave there is something they will miss. This self-portrait should also convey the dedication to detail that I put into all of my paintings. I van the people viewing to want to find my other pieces and give them another viewing, as to say, “l know I missed something in them”. Eve painted individual portraits, family portraits, pictures of towns, cities, the countryside, and landscapes in the past but am considering this self-portrait to be one of my greatest accomplishments, not the greatest. Feel as though this self-portrait is a coming out Of sorts for me as I hue been so deeply involved and submerged into my work that I feel people really do not know me. Want the viewer to walk away from this self-portrait feeling as though hey know me and have had a conversation with me about my life and what love to do, which is painting.
It has been nearly a year since have finished my self-portrait and have had it on display in my mothers boutique in town, I am very pleased with the reactions that my family and are getting from this master piece I have created, have taken a break from painting for a couple of months, which has allowed me to become more public. As I am out in the town I notice people staring and pointing as they pass me by, don’t mind because as they are doing this they have a look of wonder and amazement upon their face. Countless people who want to hire me to paint their portrait or family’s portrait have stopped me to try to hire me on the spot.
Numerous groups, church organizations, local business and businesses have approached me to try and acquire my services. I will accept a few offers because the money will help me support my parents whom are getting older. I will do specific work for my church, such as, a portrait of our Lord Jesus Christ and our priest for free, as I will not feel comfortable accepting money from the Church. I am very excited because this is a very exciting time for me, have never had this much attention shown to me, mind myself enjoying my time in the public eye, as I have never been subject to this before in my life. Eve been offered a considerable sum of money for my self-portrait. Know the self-portrait is probably one Of the best pieces or art have created in my lifetime. The funny thing is, don’t feel as though the money Offered is comparable to the effort I put in the detail Of my self-portrait. My family would be able to live very comfortably for a time if accept this money for my work, but instructed my mother and father to take the portrait down, as I will secure it in a safe place. I have taken some time to think about the offer of money, don’t know how will feel having a life-like portrait of myself in the presence of someone do not know. An make money by creating other pieces of art, do really want something that consider a piece of myself, something that is so connected to me in the home of someone, or in a gallery being stared at and analyzed by strangers? My art is an extension of me, it would be as though am cutting off the arm used to create this piece and giving it to someone for currency, is it really worth it to me? Have talked to my Tamil in depth about this ND they agree with me, they themselves say it would not feel right for them. Hall keep my self-portrait: I have gathered my thoughts and constructed a living will with my specific instructions as to what where want the portrait to reside if anything happens to me as far as my time on this earth. Want the self-portrait to be sold to the highest bidder in an art auction for museums. I want to be remembered as someone who was very passionate about his or her work. Have also added a narrative to go along with my self-portrait 50 the viewer will be able to have a broader perspective on me. Feel this is the best thing for my family and myself.

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