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Published: 2021-09-10 18:25:09
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Loneliness is a cardinal subject in Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck for many characters in the novel were isolated and secluded. Curley’s married woman had a dream of doing it in the films but after get marrieding Curley she was stuck on the spread and non allowed to speak to anybody. The stable-buck Crooks was discriminated against for he was black and this caused some terrible jobs because he was isolated from everyone. Guies who travel around looking for work on spreads are the loneliest cats in the universe for they have no lasting place and nil to look frontward to.
After get marrieding Curley. Curley’s married woman was stuck on the spread all by herself. She was isolated from everyone because she was the lone female on the spread and had no friends. Curley wanted to maintain her all for himself because he did non swear her to remain loyal. Merely two hebdomads into her matrimony with Curley. Curley’s married woman was get downing to gain that she was stuck at that place entirely with cipher to speak to. It is apparent when she said “you can speak to people. but I can’t talk to cipher but Curley” that all she wanted was person else to speak to.
Crooks was a black stable-buck who was looked down upon and treated like soil because of the coloring material of his tegument. The manner he was treated was shown when we are told that ‘the foreman gives him hell when he’s mad’ this shows how he is treated lesser than everyone else because the foreman gives him snake pit and cipher else. Because he was separated and secluded from everyone around him he realised that “a cat goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody” because he was so entirely because no 1 wanted to be near him. He was over being so lonely and when he says “a cat gets excessively alone an’ he gets sick” we realise that he is over being so lonely and can non take it any longer. In the clip that this book was written black people were treated like nil and this left them experiencing lonely and unwanted. merely like the ranchmen of that clip.
Work force who carried their properties from spread to ranch looking for work ne’er have a stable place and are ever on the move go forthing them lonely and hankering for a better life. George says “we don’t belong to no place” stating us that ranchmen are ever on the move and that they don’t have a topographic point that they can merely travel back that they can name place. When George says “guys like us that work on spreads are the loneliest cats in the world” this gives us an penetration into how these ranchmen feel and how they see themselves being the loneliest cats in the universe

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