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Published: 2021-09-12 14:00:09
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My Sweet Memories Tajuanda Parkes ENC 1101 – 1008 August 4, 2010 My Sweet Memories The greatest most memorable event that changed my life forever was getting the positive results from a home pregnancy test. This was an event that I can recant as if it were yesterday on any given day. The sounds, the scents, and the expressions of joy will forever be remembered. In my journey to make it official I will detail the day as if you were there at that time. The most blessed event of my life that changed my life forever.
The greatest event that changed my life was finding out we were going to have a baby. My boyfriend and I had tried for years, only to have the pregnancy result in miscarriages. Actually we had 3 miscarriages, at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and at 5 months. We had almost given up hope, but this last time felt different. It was to remain our secret until we made it past the 5 month hump. The official day of discovery had arrived. Today was the day the doctor gave the official results, to my home test. It was a cold snowy January day. The exact day was January 7, 2003. I will never forget it.
It was snowing and the winds were blowing, hard, it was blizzard like conditions, we wondering if we would make it to the doctors’ office in those conditions. We made it, and on time for our appointment. The weather being as it was, there was not a long wait to see the doctor. Soon as we checked in, a nurse came over and said, “Follow me to exam room 1. ” Upon entering the cold room, she handed me a mini cup and said, “I need you to give a sample. ” I’m thinking to myself not a problem, I need to go anyway. I go in, finish up, wash my hands and said, “Okay, done. She looks and smiles and said, “The doctor also wants to take a blood sample, roll up your sleeve, please. ” Ughh, I hate needles, but I did it, closed my eyes and held my breath. It was over. The nurse said, “Ok you can breathe now. ” I took a breath and she says, “Follow me, to exam room 2, and the doctor will be with you shortly, with the results. ” As we sit, in the brilliantly bold luminously lit room, waiting for the doctor to return the air became frigid. I began to get chills, big goose bumps all over. My teeth began to chatter.
My boyfriend looks over to me and hands me my scarf and gloves, as it was the middle of winter. The air crisp and frosty you could smell the aroma of disinfectants in the air. It was fresh. Sitting there on the table, one could hear every movement of the paper cloth scrunching and crunching under me. I looked out around the room and could see the frosty steel bar in the restroom that appeared to be chilled by the air. Yes, this was definitely a place lacking “heat”. I could not wait to get out of there and into my warming car. I was freezing. Finally the doctor arrived.
He speaks and puts on a fresh pair of gloves, “Alright lie back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups, were going to do a pelvic exam. The exam was complete. Now we wait for the doctor to do the calculations in determining how far along we were. The Doctor tells me, “Go ahead get cleaned up and dressed and I will be right back. ” Peeling off his gloves and washing his well sanitized hands, he leaves the room. Quickly he returns with a short knock at the door and he was back clipboard in hand with a chart that depicts how to calculate the terms of pregnancy.
He stands next to me and shows, according to the chart, that I am 4 and half months along. My eyes lit up and filled with tears, “Are u serious? ” I asked. He replied, “Yes, you are well into your second trimester, Congratulation! ” Ok, Doc we have one question, “How soon can we find out what we are having? ” He said, “At you’re next appointment, see the nurse on your way out and she will set it up. ” We were ecstatic about the news. My boyfriend could not wait to get to the car and start dialing. He made 3 way calls to everyone telling of our incredible news.
He wanted to shout from the mountain tops, although there are no mountains in Indiana. I can only imagine his elation upon finding out the gender of the baby. We both secretly desire for a boy, although we will be happy with it just being healthy no matter what the gender. Now we can begin with all of the questions and only the Man above knows how many we truly have. Finally the secret could be shared with our families. That a good thing because I was about ready to pop. I could not have held it in any longer.
I was on the cusp of bursting and blurting it out at any given time. Let the good times begin. I say that because I was and still am a shopaholic. My thought was maternity and baby shops look out, because here I come. Learning the results of my pregnancy test sent our world into a tailspin and frenzy of questions. They were all welcomed wanted and answered. Most importantly we are going to be parents to a healthy baby no matter what it was determined to be. We were satisfied with just having a child. This would be the most blessed and memorable event of my life.

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