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Published: 2021-09-03 21:20:11
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3/1/04NARRATIVE PARAGRAPHMurphy’s Law, states that “If I try to please everybody, somebody is notgoing to like it”. If you take a look throughout history, there’s example after example ofgood sometimes great people, being hated for being just that, good people. Many times in my life, I’ve witnessed that statement “ring” true. Iremember one time, back in the summer of 1999, I and my friends came acrossa new kid who had just moved into our neighborhood. His name was Nick. Nickwas one of the funniest kids I knew at the time.
He made everyone in theneighborhood laugh. He was a good guy to be around (at first), but therewere a few big guys in the “hood” who just hated the guy. These guys wereconsidered the “gangsta” kids in the neighborhood. They would pick on andbug Nick every chance they got. Nick was like a chameleon.
He blended inwell with everyone it seemed but Nick probably thought the only way to getthese guy’s to like him was to act like them. When he tried to this, hecame off as if he was trying to hard to fit in. Funny thing is they stilltook advantage of him. He would give them money.
They would roll into hishouse and eat his food, and they basically did what they wanted to him. Andall Nick could do was smile and laugh it off like it didn’t bother him. Nick for the rest of the summer would act one way when he was around themand another when he was around other people. He came off being fake and assomeone trying to be something he wasn’t. In the end he lost friendsbecause he tried to be down with the “gangsta” kids when in reality hewasn’t. So in closing I feel Murphy’s Law still rings true.
“If I try toplease everybody, somebody is not going to like it”. I think if people justare them selves, they will be fine.

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