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Published: 2021-09-11 03:00:10
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When was Hamlet written and who was the ruler of England?1600-1601 The king of England was James I, who was a great supporter of theater.
In fact he patented the Chamberlains in 1603, and the company renamed itself The Kings Men. Who was the ghost? What does it tell Hamlet and how does he respond?The ghost was the King Hamlet, elder brother to Claudius who named himself King after King Hamlets death. The ghost told the tail of his murder. He explained to Hamlet that it was his uncle that pored poison into the king’s ear. It was also Claudius that seduced his mother Gertrude.
Why is (what makes) Hamlet a tragic figure and Hamlet a tragedy?Traditional tragedy generally deals with extraordinary people i. e. Kings and Queens Princes and Princesses. When Hamlet wants nothing ells in life but too seek revenge for his father’s death which robbed him of his birthright. We find a Price trying to kill a King.
When the hero Hamlet accomplishes his task all the royalty dies even our hero. Discuss the characters of Hamlet, Horatio and, Laertes. Hamlet – Manic depressive. He loathes himself and awaits his fate.
He is so evil and merciless, yet so loved by the people. A truly complex character one that you could truly relate to almost as you could a close friend. When I imagine putting a person of this nature into a that position. All I can think about is all the controversy. For I am not one that seeks revenge but have had the craving to inflict my pain back on to it’s source many of times.
So I do understand where he is coming from but don’t always agree with his actions. I believe that Hamlet has some of the same feelings about himself. Take his hatred for his mother because she married Claudius. Yet a part of his mission was to protect his mother. Horatio – Is a commoner and a true friend to Hamlet, also the only person Hamlet really trusts.
He isn’t a stupid man, in fact he follows Hamlet’s word play very well. He also aids and agrees with most of Hamlet’s actions. He is the only person Hamlet could trust in tell the truth about the slaying of his father and clearing his name. Because of this Hamlet would remain the people’s hero. Laertes – He and Hamlet grew up together.
Not being as well spoken as the Prince forced him to be more physical. His father was the aid to the king, his sister was the love of Hamlet. I believe that Laertes inspired to be like Hamlet but could never seem to make the grade. If I wanted to know what it was like in Hamlet’s shadow Laertes is the one I would ask.
If you were to produce or direct Hamlet, why might you, or might you not update the language to make it more “accessible” or “relevant” or “hip” ?I if I was going to reproduce the picture I would redo the language in order to make it easier to read. I think people are turned off by Shakespeare’s works because the language is so hard to read. I know I am very interested in his works but resist because it is so hard for me to understand what is being said. I think the language also has it’s benefits as well.
The old English helps set the stage giving the audience an great feel for the times. Arthur Miller’s theory about tragedy for the common man says that. . . “I think the tragic feeling is evoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to lay down his life, if need be, to secure one thing – his sense of personal dignity.
” I say this would describe Prince Hamlet’s feelings when he was on his quest. If a common man could feel as Hamlet did and take similar action, what would you call it but tragedy? Tradition says that tragedy deals with kings and queens but in this day and age we run short of kings and queens. Do you not think it’s tragic that in some communities in the United States if you wear the wrong color you could be shot and killed in an effort to protect the sanctuary of your killer’s turf.Bibliography:

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