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Published: 2021-09-12 07:30:08
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1. The characters Evey and Winston Smith have many similarities and differences. Evey lives a life of relative freedom compared to unfortunate Winston Smith. Winston is in the outer party, simply surviving a persistent routine that is being watched by the police. Evey has a life outside the government and works at a TV station. The similarities that Evey and Winston have are that they both despise the government’s rules, both were party members, they both worked for the party. Evey and Winston were both disobedient.
If Winston and Evey were not disobedient than they would follow the rules and do things that they should not be doing, for example Winston keeping a diary and Evey not going out after curfew. The differences between Evey and Winston are that they both live in a dystopian world. Evey lived in a world where there was civil war and utter chaos. Winston lived in a world where there was war going on that was constantly happening and the living conditions were terrible. The second difference was that Evey was a hero because she fought against the government and won the battle.
Winston is not a hero because even though he was against the government, at the end he eventually loved everything about the government. The last difference between the two characters is that Evey is being tortured by the government into betraying V. Although we see that V was the one who was behind the torment of Evey, she does not give in and betray him. On the other hand, in 1984, both Winston and Julia betray each other during their custody. This change in storyline led to Evey becoming apart of the cause, in terms of overthrowing the government.
Winston and Julia’s actions in 1984 led to their mutual downfall, and the end of their plans for deposing Big Brother and the government. 2. Realistically, London, England is a beautiful city. In 1984 and in V for Vendetta, London is described as a dark, frightening and miserable place. In the novel 1984, London is described as the ministry of love looks like a jail. Everyone in the city looks the same; they dress the same and do everything the same. The buildings are dark looking and the thought police were always watching their actions. The streets were always so dirty and so old looking as well.
Same as for V for Vendetta. Always dark, terrifying, dull and a corrupted city. Everyone would listen to the government and do what the government would say. If the people chose not to listen to them then the government would kill them. 3. In the movie V for Vendetta and the novel 1984, V is a daring dissident who will do anything to do what’s right. He is a mysterious rebel who is a fighter that is identifiable by his mask, dark clothing and long black hair. All V wants is to get his way or there is no way at all. This character adds a dramatic part to the movie V for Vendetta.
He makes this movie interesting and adds some sort of twist to the film because he is very mysterious, a freedom fighter and courageous. V’s death was necessary in order to establish peace. If V were in the novel 1984, it would be so much more dramatic and very over whelming. V wouldn’t listen to Big Brother’s commands and he would make a difference. Someone like V wouldn’t listen to a guy that tells you what to do and what not to do. At the end of 1984, if V was a character in the novel 1984, Big Brother wouldn’t have had won the battle. In fact, V would have started a war.

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